Triennale Cremona 2015 Contest

Triennale Cremona 2015 contest, CELLO Mod. "Goffriller"

XIV International Triennial Competition of Stringed Instrument Making Antonio Stradivari

Cremona, from September to October 11/ 2015

Honorable Mention

A.L.I. Prize "for an instrument that, while in the tradition of Italian culture, give an indication of study, research, and design  and the personality of the author."

The award ceremonyThe award ceremony

 The fourteenth edition of the prestigious contest of violin-making “Antonio Stradivari”, held in Cremona, is a well-proven selective competition. Even with 334 violin makers, from 31 countries, and 445 instruments, only a single gold medal has been assigned, to the viola made by the French Charles Coquet.

The instruments has been exhibited at the Museum of Violin of Cremona from September 24 to October 11 2015

Maestro Brunello in front of the instrument Frontal view

Maestro Mario Brunello standing in front of the instrument

(photo courtesy of Dr. Villa)

Frontal view

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Pisogne 2010

On 2010, he received the second prize, a silver medal, in the cello section, at the 4th Lutherie National Contest of the town of Pisogne - Iseo Lake (Brescia), in the category of professional luthiers.

Pisogne 2010


Pisogne 2010




With Gualtiero Nicolini, contest Chairman


With Gualtiero Nicolini, contest Chairman


Cremona 2009

His first cello gained the 6th place at the XII three-yearly String Instrument International Contest (Concorso Triennale Internazionale degli Strumenti ad Arco) of Cremona in the year 2009, welcomed with large consensus from the panel. It received the same score from both luthiers and musicians, which appreciated its sound qualities and the executive techique.